Selective breeding

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Selective breeding/artificial selection
= process of breeding plants/animals for particular genetic traits
1. Organisms with desired traits chosen and bred together
2.Best offspring chosen (=F1 generation)
3.F1 generation bred again to give F2 generation
4.Repeated until `perfect' animal with best traits is acquired
Chosen traits in plants
- Increased yield
- Resistance to certain diseases/pest damage
- Hardier (survive harsher climates)
- Better balance of nutrients
Chosen traits in animals
- More meat/milk/eggs/offpsring
- Better quality/more fur
- Increased resistance to parasites/diseases
- Certain alleles removed from gene pool
- This can lead to health problems
- New disease could wipe out entire population
Guide dogs
- Artificial selection: Labradors chosen for ability to train/realise danger, willingness to work,
responsiveness to voice best bitch mated with best dog puppies trained. Best ones are
bred (but not within families as harmful genes can accumulate) process repeated over many
- Cross breeding: Labradors crossed with Golden Retrievers as they're docile next offspring
chosen to breed were picked for cleverness, calm temperament, responsiveness and ease of
Cross-breeding plants
- Pollen transferred from stigma of one to another


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