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Strategies…read more

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The marketing strategy challenge
To find a way of achieving a
sustainable competitive
advantage over the other
competing products and
firms in a market…read more

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What is a competitive advantage?
An advantage over competitors
gained by offering consumers
greater value, either by means of
lower prices or by providing
greater benefits and service that
justifies higher prices…read more

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Porter's Generic Strategies…read more

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Introducing Porter's approach
· Porter suggested four "generic" business
strategies that could be followed in order
to gain competitive advantage
· The differentiation and cost leadership
strategies seek competitive advantage in a
broad range of market or industry
· By contrast, the differentiation focus and
cost focus strategies are best used in a
narrow market or industry…read more

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Cost leadership (1)
With this strategy, the objective is
to become the lowest-cost
producer in the industry. This
typically involves production on a
large scale which enables the
business to exploit economies of
scale.…read more

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