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Case Studies
L'Aquila earthquake, Italy 6 April 2009
Abruzzo region, Central Italy, Europe
MEDC Country
Italy is one of the worlds most earthquake prone countries
One of the best economies in the world
High QOL
L'Aquila is a province in the Abruzzo
region of Italy
Has a population of 297,592
Relatively sparsely populated
Rural population has reduced in recent years due to the decline in agriculture
Economic development has been relatively rapid due to the growth of
It has one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe
Its major commodities are wine, grains, dairy products and crafterwork
Hub for winter sports in the nearby mountains
L'Aquila is buily on the bed of an ancient lake providing a soil structure that
amplifies seismic waves
Seismic background
One of the most seismically active Countries in Europe
Italy lies on the plate boundary between the Eurasian and African plate
The African plate is pushing northwards towards the Eurasian plate at a rate of
around 3cm per year

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In some places along this boundary you have collision forming the Alps and
Apennines mountain chain in other you have subduction forming a number of active
As these rigid continental plates collide and the surface is subjected to immense
pressure and stress, the crust cracks along lines of weakness or geological faults.
The linear fault lines crisscross all the way along the backbone of Italy, following
the Apennine mountain range.…read more

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It was
said some buildings were possibly made with sand
The L'Aquila hospital suffered damage in a 4.8 magnitude aftershock 4 hours after
the main EQ. The new wing was completely shut (even through it was only built in
2000 and meant to be EQ proof). Many people had to be treated outside the
hospital in the car park. The third floor collapsed into the emergency room.…read more

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ENPA animal protection agency was sent to look after the stray pets abandoned in
the aftermath.
Homeless Camps were set up very quickly on places like sports pitches however
some people had to sleep in their cars. There were more than 60 tent cities erected
to house 25,000 evacuees in the Abruzzo region. Church services were held in these
tent cities to give some normality and comfort to the people there.…read more

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As the earthquake happened near Easter and Italy is predominantly Roman
Catholic, the quake had a significance that it may not have done in other countries.
Good Friday a day of mourning became the day of mourning for earthquake victims
and a mass state funeral was held on this day.
The pope sent 500 Easter eggs to keep children's spirits up and the Red Cross
handed out lamb dishes for a makeshift Easter lunch.…read more

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Nearly a year on the disaster, far from the media spotlight, the victims are having a
hard time rebuilding their lives.
Berlusconi often boasts on television that new houses in the devastated city were
built in record time. But residents say that after an initial flurry of headlinegrabbing
initiatives reconstruction, money ran out and many people have been left to fend for
themselves.…read more

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China Sichuan earthquake 2008
Sichuan is in southwest China, it's the 5th largest Chinese province.
It has a population of 81.3 million (4th largest population of 33 provinces).
187,000 miles in area
It is predominantly rural.
Population density high (180 people km2) but relatively low for China.…read more

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Official Chinese figures released July 21st 2008 stated that: 69,227 were confirmed
dead (591 of those not from the Sichuan province), 374,176 injured, and 18,222
listed as missing.
The first and main tremor lasted for around 3 minutes.
All provinces of China except three were physically affected by the tremor.
In Beijing, 1,500km away, buildings swayed as a result of the quake.
In total 10 other countries and Hong Kong felt tremors from the earthquake.
Tremors were even felt in Tuva in Russia.…read more

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A vast amount of the roads in Sichuan were damaged or unusable. This damage
was simply due to the earthquake but also some roads were covered by landslides
and so couldn't be used. A total of 53,294km of roads was destroyed. Rescue
parties found it hard to reach rural areas in the aftermath.
China Mobile (the world's largest mobile phone operator and so China's main
network provider) had over 2,300 base stations suspended throughout China.…read more

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Altogether 80,000 troops were
dispatched immediately by the Chinese government.
More troops were sent out along with aircraft to reach rural areas more easily.
Overall, more than 150 aircraft were sent out (the most ever sent out by China in a
nocombat situation).
On 26th May(2 weeks after EQ) it was reported that 135,000 Chinese troops and
medics were involved in the rescue effort across 58 counties and cities.…read more


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