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Case Studies
L'Aquila earthquake, Italy 6 April 2009
Abruzzo region, Central Italy, Europe
MEDC Country
Italy is one of the worlds most earthquake prone countries
One of the best economies in the world
High QOL
L'Aquila is a province in the Abruzzo
region of Italy
Has a population…

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In some places along this boundary you have collision forming the Alps and
Apennines mountain chain in other you have subduction forming a number of active
As these rigid continental plates collide and the surface is subjected to immense
pressure and stress, the crust cracks along lines of weakness…

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looting forced some reluctant home and business owners to remain in their unstable
88000 unemployed
28,000 students with no access to university
65 thousand left homeless
34000 forced to live in temporary tents
10,000 buildings damaged some of architectural and historical importance. It was
said some buildings were possibly…

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300 after shocks made recovery hard
4,000 rescuers were deployed to the scene of the earthquake (60 people were
rescued from rubble in 24 hours)
5,000 aid workers were sent out with a nationwide appeal for doctors and nurses.
ENPA animal protection agency was sent to look after the stray…

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As the earthquake happened near Easter and Italy is predominantly Roman
Catholic, the quake had a significance that it may not have done in other countries.
Good Friday a day of mourning became the day of mourning for earthquake victims
and a mass state funeral was held on this day.…

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Nearly a year on the disaster, far from the media spotlight, the victims are having a
hard time rebuilding their lives.
Berlusconi often boasts on television that new houses in the devastated city were
built in record time. But residents say that after an initial flurry of headlinegrabbing
initiatives reconstruction,…

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China Sichuan earthquake 2008
Sichuan is in southwest China, it's the 5th largest Chinese province.
It has a population of 81.3 million (4th largest population of 33 provinces).
187,000 miles in area
It is predominantly rural.
Population density high (180 people km2) but relatively low for China.
Uneven population…

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Official Chinese figures released July 21st 2008 stated that: 69,227 were confirmed
dead (591 of those not from the Sichuan province), 374,176 injured, and 18,222
listed as missing.
The first and main tremor lasted for around 3 minutes.
All provinces of China except three were physically affected by the tremor.…

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A vast amount of the roads in Sichuan were damaged or unusable. This damage
was simply due to the earthquake but also some roads were covered by landslides
and so couldn't be used. A total of 53,294km of roads was destroyed. Rescue
parties found it hard to reach rural areas…

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and armed police to help with disaster relief work. Altogether 80,000 troops were
dispatched immediately by the Chinese government.
More troops were sent out along with aircraft to reach rural areas more easily.
Overall, more than 150 aircraft were sent out (the most ever sent out by China in a…


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