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1. Disengagement of religious churches
Bruce focuses on the "Secular West", claiming that Church was once at
the centre of social and political life but during the 20th century it had
withdrawn almost completely.
I. Modern social life has ceased to be community based people lives
are dominated…

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3. Religious Pluralism
Wilson discusses about religious pluralism. Historically religion was monolithic; most
societies were dominated by 1 religious world view which had a monopoly over
religious practices and beliefs.

He claims that a major symptom of secularization has been the breaking of
monolithic religion, into a set of competing…

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× Postmodernist, claim that society is experiencing a crisis of meaning. This is
due to the dissatisfaction with materialism, therefore seeking to re-discover
their spirituality....Resulting in an increase of new age religions, sects, cults
and quasi-religion.

5. Secularization in the USA and Globally
Many sociologists have suggested that the USA…


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