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Categorising texts grouping acronym:
S ­ Spoken or written mode? (or multi-modal?)
What effects does the mode have on the texts?
What evidence is there to show that the texts are written/spoken? E.g if it is
spoken, are there non-fluency features such as fillers?
There may also be texts…

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How will this affect the lexis used? E.g if it is a newspaper, there will not be as much
informal language as a magazine or a transcript.

T ­ Tone?
What is the tone like in the texts? Is it informal or is it formal? How will this affect



Hey Luke REALLY great stuff xD 

Is it possible for you to make a model answer for SPAGTOC when comparing 2 texts from a pass paper? 

Thanks :') 



Hiya, and yeah but try and do groups of more than 2 texts as that is only a pairing and you won't get too many marks for it, but yeah, use it :')

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