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How Did the Cold War Develop?
1943-56…read more

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The Grand Alliance 1941
The alliance consisted of these three countries,
Britain, America and the USSR. It was an alliance
of convenience. The only thing that they had in
common was their desire to defeat Hitler. But
once that was done relationships started to
deteriorate.…read more

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Capitalism Communism
· Has a hierarchy such as a boss · Everyone is meant to be equal.
who employs people to work for · All the money and food,
him. everything is equally shared out.
· Free trade which is not · No-one owns anything, it is all
government controlled, also owned by the state. It was
allowed to trade with other meant to be different to how it
countries. turned out. All the property was
· Privatisation, don't have to give publicly owned and each person
to the government. worked and was paid according
· The people work for their to their abilities and needs.
money, they don't have to share · Self- dependence and no free
it out. trade.
· It is all for profit not for the
state.…read more

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Tehran 1943
This conference was held during the second
world war. It was to talk about reconstructing
Europe after the war. It was held between the
Big Three: FDR, Churchill and Stalin. They all
agreed that Stalin could have a sphere of
influence in the East and Britain and America
would have a sphere of influence in the west.…read more

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Stalin wanted to launch a second front on
Germany from the West and both Roosevelt and
Churchill agreed but didn't feel it was right.
Stalin also thought that Germany should pay for
starting the second world war by paying
reparations. However FDR thought that this was
how WW2 started and that to have a peaceful
Europe you needed a prosperous Germany.…read more

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Yalta 1945
This was held at the end of the war when Germany had
been defeated but Japan hadn't.
Stalin made a few decisions such as: that the Russian
troops would help America defeat Japan. Also FDR and
Churchill agreed to a communist government in Poland,
The Declaration on Liberated Europe made all three
superpowers work together for democracy in Europe.
Also reinstated the decision that the USSR would have a
sphere of influence in Europe. It was done because it was
the end of the second world war and they had to decide
what was going to happen to Europe.…read more

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