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Case Study Why Unconventional? Environmental impacts Social/Economic Political Issues
Oil shales / Oil shales: Huge amounts of land destroyed It affects the May be a possible
Tar sands Oil shale is a fin grain by strip mining. attitude towards shift of political
sedimentary rock that contains Habitat loss. the development power from the
solid organic matter. Heated to Pollution of water used to of renewable Middle East to
yield not oil, but Kerogen. remove toxic substances. energies. America, Canada
Tar Sands: Used 3-5 times more water than Threatens future and Venezuela.
Naturally occurring mixture of conventional sources. water supplies.
sand, clay and other materials. GHGs released by mining People are getting
Heavy oil that must be treated equipment and during the cancer in the local
before refined. Harvested processing. areas around
through strip mining, open pit Every barrel of oil shale sends where production
techniques and underground 50% more CO2 than a barrel of takes place.
heating. crude oil. Provide more
Both: Expensive In Wyoming, mule deer have income for
decline over 50% after decade Venezuela (LEDC).
of intense drilling.
Tar sands production emits 3
times more CO2 than
conventional oil.
Arctic Circle Last untouched wilderness in the Disrupt the natural habitats and It will create jobs What
world. If drilling starts, could food chains. for the people to country/countries
devastate the integrity of the Fossil fuels used by the mine/drill. has the right to
pristine environment. machinery. Scientists will be mine/drill?
Enhancing climate change. able to
Melting ice ­ methane gas view/research
being released. Tipping point? areas that they
Oil spills would be worse couldn't before
because of the ice and cold drilling/mining.
making it difficult to contain. Fuel prices will
decrease as more
supply is made.
Political power for
the country that is
able to drill/mine.
Atlantic Atlantic Frontier: Atlantic Frontier: Falkland Islands: Falkland Islands:
Frontier Total depth of 2.528 metres St. Kilda is an island close to the Agriculture Oil drilling by British
/ Falkland below sea level. oil exploration. World Heritage continues to be a firms has increased
Islands Currents change direction site; precipitous cliffs, crystal major employer political tensions
rapidly. clear water and massive sea (150) and with Argentina.
Specific technologies needed bird colonies. In 1999 UK contributes £3 Argentina has never
that are expensive. Government approved an oil rig million to annual owned the islands,
Profound difficulty of capping a just 75 miles from St. Kilda. GDP. which were
spill, i.e. 3 months and numerous The IUCN, nature conservation Tourism has seen uninhabited until
strategies to cap the Deepwater advisers to the UN, have rapid growth in the Europeans settled in
Horizon spume. concluded the island is high risk last 15 years, with them in the 18th
from oil developments. 60,000 tourists Century.
Falkland Islands: visiting the island The Falkland islands
Locating the oil: Seismic surveys by cruise ship, and are part of the UK
have reported to impact fish and a further 1,600 and while Argentina
marine life. E.g. whales become land-based tourists. might not agree with
disorientated disrupting £4 million to GDP. this they will have to
migratory patterns and mass put up with it. As
beaching. long as Falkland
Impacts of Water: Drilling fluid is Islanders wish to
claimed to be toxic to marine remain part of the
life, affecting health and UK then it shall.
Air Pollution: Operation of
machinery as well as burn-off

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BP Oil Spill Explosion occurred 20th April Immediate Impacts: Following the spill, Negative publicity
2010. Oil coated birds' feathers, jobs in the fishing, regarding the spill
Caused by a well head blow out. causing birds to lose buoyancy tourism and even hurt those with BP
Spill 20 April ­ 15 July 2010. and the ability to regulate body the oil industry in franchises.
Sealed: 19th September 2010. temperature. the area are in Obama put a
Volume of spill: 210,000,000 US Mammals ingested the oil, jeopardy.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A two page resource that is factual and informative. Breaks down case studies and includes environmental, social and poilical angles.

Hannah P0tter


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