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Search for my tongue
eshow/search/photoplayer.shtml…read more

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What is "Search for my tongue" about?
· The poet explains what it is like to
speak and think in two languages.
· She wonders whether she might lose
the language she learnt first.
· However, the mother tongue remains
with her in her dreams.
· By the end, she is confident that it will
always be part of who she is.…read more

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You ask me what I mean
by saying I have lost my tongue.
I ask you, what would you do
if you had two tongues in your mouth,
and lost the first one, the mother tongue,
and could not really know the other,
the foreign tongue.
You could not use them both together
even if you thought that way.
Section 1: This tells
And if you lived in a place you had to us about the
speak a foreign tongue, problem of having
your mother tongue would rot, two languages. The
rot and die in your mouth poet uses the image
until you had to spit it out. of 2 tongues in your
mouth to show you
I thought I spit it out
what it's like.
but overnight while I dream,…read more

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(munay hutoo kay aakhee jeebh aakhee bhasha)
(may thoonky nakhi chay)
(parantoo rattray svupnama mari bhasha pachi aavay chay)
(foolnee jaim mari bhasha nmari jeebh) Section 2:
The use of "Gujarati"
language allows us to
(modhama kheelay chay)
see the language
visually, in our minds. It
shows its very different
(fullnee jaim mari bhasha mari jeebh) to English. It also
confuses us, which is
how the poet feels.
(modhama pakay chay)…read more

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it grows back, a stump of a shoot
grows longer, grows moist, grows strong veins,
it ties the other tongue in knots,
the bud opens, the bud opens in my mouth,
it pushes the other tongue aside.
Every time I think I've forgotten,
I think I've lost the mother tongue,
it blossoms out of my mouth.
Section 3:
The poet talks about her mother tongue as
a plant (This is a metaphor). She does this
to show that the `tongue' (her language) is
alive and it is blossoming, becoming
strong.…read more

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Search for my Presents from my
tongue aunts in Pakistan
Simile &
Language e.g. Repetition of e.g. Use of colours for
features "grows", Line 31 & 32 adjectives "peacock-blue"
line 2…read more


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