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Nature-Farm life
Father son/ relationship
Sons viewpoint-1st person makes it personal
Time-generations of family ­grandfather-grandson
Loss-family tradition, no longer a farmer now poet.
Past -20 years ago present- son now a poet.
Watches fathers, Remembers how grandfather and father experts in farm.
"Stooping in rhythm"-fathers movement sense of skill…

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Sonnet-14 lines
Iambic pentameter (10 syllables/line)
Regular rhyme and rhythm

Parenthood-mother daughter relationship.
Mothers viewpoint 1st person-personal
Loss-poet fears losing daughter grows up-wants more independence.
Time Past-birth of child. Present-daughter grown up
Poet remembers birth of child-goes on to describe powerful bond they share
Reader sees mothers love…

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Parenthood-mother/son relationship
Mothers viewpoint- 1st person makes personal.
Loss-doesn't know what happened to son
7 years since heard from son-then goes on to describe what a model child he was.
Suffering-anxiety over son
"Where art thou worse to me than dead"-speaks directly to son. Make her distress
seem real.…

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Expresses ides people belong to god and given certain amount of time on earth.
Describes boy as "best piece of poetrie"-best thing he has ever made.
Religious Language-shows religious belief. "my sinne" "they fate" "lent to me"-17th
century religious time.
10 syllables per line (iambic pentameter)
Rhyming couplets-allow complex/sorrowful…

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Nature-ewe give birth
Time-refers to historical-good Friday agreement in Ireland
Suffering a)ewe struggles to give birth B)peace talks-politicians struggling to reach
1st person personal
Like at a potato depicts natural event n farm and relates them to history
Double meaning-achieve this
"exhausted, tamed by pain"-applies to ewe struggling…

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Free verse-adds to sense of chaos/disorder storm creates.
No sense of order that poem with regular rhyme /rhythm would have

Nature-uses imagery to describe lake
Time-set in past-poem focuses on memory and how we recall memories.
Suffering-girl pulled out of lake then beaten by parents
Very nearly loss/death…

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Violence-death of animals
Suffering of animals child finds injured mice and suffering of those at war
Loss/death of mouse(those at war)
Fear fro her children
1st person-more personal
News some in over radio of war in Europe
Child comes in with mouse rescue from blades of harvester

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3rd person
Assume poet patrolling Barneget
Poet list of vivid image with each line ending in a verb
Not clear whether "dim weird forms" are human/ships or something more ghostly
Sense of nature massively powerful, threatening mans existence
Idea of violent storm created by sounds-alliteration
Alliteration of s sound "storm...seas....steady…

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Section 2-image of potato created by contrast described as "good poatatoes are
ehite as cream"
When stored become "live skulls blind eyed"-more threating deadly reminder of
those who dies in famine.
Section 4-nature cause suffering-importance of irish famine
Fear one day may return-result farmers make"libations of cold tea and scattered…


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