Seamus Heany, Gillian Clarke and Pre 1914 Poems

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Nature-Farm life
Father son/ relationship
Sons viewpoint-1st person makes it personal
Time-generations of family ­grandfather-grandson
Loss-family tradition, no longer a farmer now poet.
Past -20 years ago present- son now a poet.
Watches fathers, Remembers how grandfather and father experts in farm.
"Stooping in rhythm"-fathers movement sense of skill and beauty like poetry.
"But I have no spade to follow them"-regrets broken away from tradition sense of
loss, not part of them.
Begins with simile.
"Snug as a gun"-snug suggests-comfortable with pen, natural to him
Gun-sinister-pen threat, weapon, source of resentment-outlines differences with
Begins on image of pen ends on image of pen.
End pen not so threatening-no longer compared to gun
Accepts role in society-"I'll dig with it"
Work just as hard with pen
Own way to follow in family tradition-write about it.
Free verse-greater freedom
Nine stanzas-reflects Heaney thinking how moved away from family tradition
Lack of rhyme/rhythm offers ground reality.
Set in pond/small lake-summer still water teening with life
1st person-personal
Poet enjoys nature
Enjoys sight of "willow leaning halfway o'er"
Can see enjoy nature. Repetition "I love to see
Metaphor-"white wool sack clouds"
Effective ­white fleecy content-shape of wool sack like clouds
Personification-willow "leaning" ­insects "happy"
Giving aspects of nature human qualities stress how close to nature he is

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Sonnet-14 lines
Iambic pentameter (10 syllables/line)
Regular rhyme and rhythm
Parenthood-mother daughter relationship.
Mothers viewpoint 1st person-personal
Loss-poet fears losing daughter grows up-wants more independence.
Time Past-birth of child. Present-daughter grown up
Poet remembers birth of child-goes on to describe powerful bond they share
Reader sees mothers love and struggle.
Talks of "fighting her off" also admires "long brown hair"
Describes cheeks as "rosy" yet obviously red with anger as she has "defiant
Suggests love for daughter as they argue.…read more

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Parenthood-mother/son relationship
Mothers viewpoint- 1st person makes personal.
Loss-doesn't know what happened to son
7 years since heard from son-then goes on to describe what a model child he was.
Suffering-anxiety over son
"Where art thou worse to me than dead"-speaks directly to son. Make her distress
seem real.
Looks for answers-a) been unsuccessful too scared to come home. B)lost in desert or
in prison
"I can see....her gifts and lies"-sense of guilt-made son feel had to be successful.…read more

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Expresses ides people belong to god and given certain amount of time on earth.
Describes boy as "best piece of poetrie"-best thing he has ever made.
Religious Language-shows religious belief. "my sinne" "they fate" "lent to me"-17th
century religious time.…read more

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Nature-ewe give birth
Time-refers to historical-good Friday agreement in Ireland
Suffering a)ewe struggles to give birth B)peace talks-politicians struggling to reach
agreement.…read more

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Free verse-adds to sense of chaos/disorder storm creates.
No sense of order that poem with regular rhyme /rhythm would have
Nature-uses imagery to describe lake
Time-set in past-poem focuses on memory and how we recall memories.…read more

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Violence-death of animals
Suffering of animals child finds injured mice and suffering of those at war
Loss/death of mouse(those at war)
Fear fro her children
1st person-more personal
News some in over radio of war in Europe
Child comes in with mouse rescue from blades of harvester
Mouse compared to innocent children, suffering and dying as result of war
Neighbour spreading lime to sweeten soil.…read more

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Assume poet patrolling Barneget
Poet list of vivid image with each line ending in a verb
Not clear whether "dim weird forms" are human/ships or something more ghostly
Sense of nature massively powerful, threatening mans existence
Idea of violent storm created by sounds-alliteration
Alliteration of s sound "storm...seas....steady and p sound "piercing and pealing"
and "milk white combs careering" create sound of fierce storm.
Poet compares storm to evil spirit-wind like shouts of demoniac laughter"
Compares "waves, air and midnight" to a "savage trinity".…read more

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Section 2-image of potato created by contrast described as "good poatatoes are
ehite as cream"
When stored become "live skulls blind eyed"-more threating deadly reminder of
those who dies in famine.
Section 4-nature cause suffering-importance of irish famine
Fear one day may return-result farmers make"libations of cold tea and scattered
crumbs"-in honour and fear of \God.
1st section ABAB
2nd section two uneven stanzas
3rd section-5 stanzas -4 lines AABB.…read more


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