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Revision on the Marxist role of
Key theorists of
Louis Althusser
Bowles and Gintis
Paul Willis
SCLY2 ­ Education…read more

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Louis Althusser (1971)
· Identified two elements or apparatuses which are
there to keep the bourgeoisie in power which are;
1. The Repressive State Apparatuses (RSAs)
2. The Ideological State Apparatuses (ISAs)
1- The RSAs use physical force to keep a capitalist
society for example the police, army or courts
which are all elements of a repressive state which
they use to maintain control
2- The ISAs use controlled ideas, values and beliefs
for example religion, media or education…read more

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Louis Althusser (1971)
Argues that the education system is an important
part of the ISA this is because it performs 2
functions these are;
1. Education reproduces class inequality ­ this is
where it keeps classes in position by
transmitting it from generation to generation
and also fails the working class
2. Education legitimates class inequality ­ this is
where education says its ok by pushing the
children into lower classes, making people
accept their inferior place in society as it is
inevitable and if the system accept the ideas
they are less likely to challenge the capitalism…read more

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Samuel Bowles and
Herbert Gintis (1976)
· Develop on the ideas of Althusser in further detail.
· Argue that the role of education is to reproduce an
obedient workforce which accepts inequality as being
What did they find from studying 237 New York School?
· Schools Reward personality traits that show
· Schools Don't reward creativity or independence.
· Found a close link between the ways in which people
and children are treated in the workplace aswell as in
the school.…read more

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Samuel Bowles and
Herbert Gintis (1976)
What do Bowles and Gintis conclude about
· Helps to produced the obedient worker that
the capitalism needs, they don't believe that
education develops a person
· Conclude that by maintaining power over
children teacher are training the children
within the school to become more
subservient and docile workforce who wont
ever challenge the power the capitalism has
upon them.…read more

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Samuel Bowles and Herbert
Gintis (1976)
· Correspondence principle that Bowles and Gintis
suggest refers to the relationships and structures
that was found in education which mirrors or
corresponds to those at work.
· Identified a hidden curriculum which is where all
the `lessons' in which are learnt in school are not
being directly being taught such as a child's
manners or their attitude towards their own
· Through the hidden curriculum Bowles and Gintis
say that it prepare pupils for their future
exploitations.…read more

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