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Media representations of sexuality/disability/class/ethnicity/age/gender
could be said to be stereotypical
Sociologist have argued that the media is controlled by middle class,
white, heterosexual males . As a result, the view of homosexuality is
formed through a heterosexual gaze, which tends to portray
homosexuality as a source of `embarrassment or anxiety' or often is
seen to be a `problematic state' of sexuality in society .
Advertisers have argued that advertisers are now finding an untapped
marked known as the pink pound in which is found homosexual
couples are usually independent and thus have a large income to spend
on media products.
Watney illustrated how British news coverage of the 1980's
stereotyped gay people as carriers of the `gay plague' ­ News
coverage reflected mainstream dislike and fear of the gay community .
Homosexual AID sufferers were seen as to blame for their own
condition or death for their `immoral and unnatural behaviour'
Gauntlett argues that although it may be underrepresented in the
mainstream media they are slowly changing for the better, there is a
tolerance of sexual diversity that is growing and images of diverse
sexual identities which audience are unfamiliar may assist in making
the population more comfortable with alternative sexual lifestyles.
In 19501970 s a women was seen as a housewife, a domestic
cleaner, a domestic consumer and a sex object. Jerry Hall said
that a women needs to be ` a chef in the kitchen, a maid in the
living room and a whore in the bedroom'
o This was evident in ADVERTISEMENT where the roles
of a housewife, domestic cleaner and consumer
were combined. For example, in washing up cleaning
products women were regularly presented
otherwise they were seen as sex objects, selling
products that would make them appear more
attractive or using their sex appeal to sell products
to men.

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FEMINIST: Patriarchy includes the gender representation of
women in advertisement especially
o Stereotypes made women play subordinate or
subservient roles being portrayed as domestic
servants to support and comfort or as objects to
meet the sexual needs of men
o Media representations suggest that these roles are
normal and natural . Feminist would argue this is
part of patriarchal ideology a set of ideas distorting
reality and supports male dominance .…read more

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This thought to a masculinity that is in touch with his feminine side which
makes him more useful in the home today to his partner.
Representations of disability has generally been oppressive and
negative , people with disability are rarely seen as people with their
own identities .
Seen as villains for example in James Bond films villains often
have a physical impairment.…read more

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Middle class:
They are often over represented on TV dramas and situation
Most of the creative personnel in the media are usually
themselves middle class. In the news, middle classes dominate
positions of authority the `expert' is invariably middle class
Working class:
Newman when news organisations focus on the working class it
is generally to label them as a problem, e.g. welfare cheats or
criminals. Working class groups, e.g.…read more

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This constructed them as folk devils as part of moral
panics in the postwar period. This found to be common
over the centuries analysis of newspapers have revealed.
A whole media industry is now dedicated to socially
constructing the lifestyles of youths as well as their identities.
Magazines are produced specifically for young people and
networking sites on the internet such as Facebook and Myspace
allow youth to project their identities around the world
The elderly
They tend to be portrayed onedimensionally.…read more

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Portrayed as being a threat
o Asian and AfricanCaribbean immigrants are rarely seen as a
threat to jobs and housing of the white majority same concerns
have appeared with asylum seekers and refugees. They are
accused of coming to Britain to abuse the welfare state and take
advantage of a more successful economy than their own.
Immigration today is treated more sympathetically and now ethnic minorities
are given extensive coverage of instances of hate and racial crimes.…read more


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