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Media representations of sexuality/disability/class/ethnicity/age/gender
could be said to be stereotypical
Sociologist have argued that the media is controlled by middle class,
white, heterosexual males . As a result, the view of homosexuality is
formed through a heterosexual gaze, which tends to portray
homosexuality as a source of `embarrassment or…

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FEMINIST: Patriarchy includes the gender representation of
women in advertisement especially
o Stereotypes made women play subordinate or
subservient roles being portrayed as domestic
servants to support and comfort or as objects to
meet the sexual needs of men
o Media representations suggest that these roles are
normal and natural…

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that focuses on appearance and fashion as well as being caring and generous.
This thought to a masculinity that is in touch with his feminine side which
makes him more useful in the home today to his partner.
Representations of disability has generally been oppressive and
negative , people…

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holiday spots and fashion accessories that only the wealthy can
Middle class:
They are often over represented on TV dramas and situation
Most of the creative personnel in the media are usually
themselves middle class. In the news, middle classes dominate
positions of authority the `expert' is invariably…

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deviant subcultures such as teddy boys and muggers.
This constructed them as folk devils as part of moral
panics in the postwar period. This found to be common
over the centuries analysis of newspapers have revealed.
A whole media industry is now dedicated to socially
constructing the lifestyles of youths…

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Portrayed as being a threat
o Asian and AfricanCaribbean immigrants are rarely seen as a
threat to jobs and housing of the white majority same concerns
have appeared with asylum seekers and refugees. They are
accused of coming to Britain to abuse the welfare state and take
advantage of a…


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