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Douglas: W/C parents less likely to support child's intellectual development (don't read)
Bernstein: Restricted Code + Elaborated Code
Douglas: W/C parents took less interest so kids have less achievement motivation

Hyman: W/C believe they have less opportunity for advancement/high status jobs so see no point
of education
Keddie: CultDep is…

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Webb white pupils= 4/5 of all pupils.
Moynihan : many black fams are female-headed & boys have no role model > underachievement
Lupton argues that Asian families are strict, authoritative + disciplined
But Khan found Asian families as 'stress ridden', bound by tradition especially for girls.
Driver criticises cult-dep theorists…

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Wrong :functionalists have an 'over-socialised view' of people as mere puppets of society,
implying that pupils passively accept all they are taught and never reject the school's values.
Chubb and Moe : consumer choice ­ education should be opened up to market forces of supply and
Althusser : the…


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