Science ISA Meanings

Some key terms needed to know before sitting the ISA exam.

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Science GCSE ISA Meanings.
Categoric Variable (e.g. blue or brown eyes)
Discrete Variable (whole numbers)
Ordered Variable (data in order but not actual number, e.g. small, medium, large)
Continuous Variable (Any numerical value, e.g. 34.5 or 92.4)
Hypothesis - the prediction of the investigation
Independent Variable - variable you control
Dependent Variable - variable affected by what you change
Control Variables - the variables you keep the same throughout the test.
Fair Test - Where only the independent variable affects the dependent variable.
Accurate - Close to the true value
Precise - E.g. a really close scale of the data
Anomalous results - results that don't fit the trend of your other results.
Resolution means the smallest scale division on the measuring instrument that you were using.


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