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Extinction is the permanent loss of all the members of a species from of the earth.
The causes of extinction are lack of food as you can't survive without a
food source. Temperatures and climate change can cause the
extinction as some animals aren't adapted to different weather, and if
they are use to one temperature and it changes it can be difficult for it to
adapt. Climate change caused dinosaurs to become extinct because
they couldn't adapt therefore they died out.
Another cause could be new predators, as if it is an unexpected
predator then the animal won't know how to defend it self, so if the
predator acts quickly then it could kill all of the species in that area
which could spread the risk of extinction.
An example of the predators acting like this is when a brown tree snake
came to Australia following the world war two, it prayed on birds nest at
night and ate all there eggs to lead into extinction.
Another cause could be new diseases, because if you haven't the
defence system in your body so you don't know how to fight of a certain
disease then you are more likely to be effected to that disease and
more likely to become extinct.
Example for this is the Tasman devil in New Zealand as they are
becoming ill from cancer which attacks them quickly because of
there immune system isn't use to it
Another cause then would be competition because if a few of different
species were dependant on one food source they would soon die out
because they would end up eating all of that food source and if they
couldn't find a replacement they would end up dyeing of hunger.
Example for this would be the rabbits in Australia as they eat food so
fast the other Australian animals can't compete and there for going
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Half zebra, half horse
One of Africa's famous animals but became extinct in the late 1870's. it
was distinguished for having its stripes fading half way down its body.
The reason for extinction was because it was used for its meat.
The neglected tuft sedge not seen since Napoleon , known as high hill.…read more


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