Science & Religion Key words AQA Sociology A2

Key words for Science and Religion

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Animism ­ belief in ghosts or spirits. Eg: the Amba
Enlightenment ­ emergence of scientific thinking during the 18th century,
reason was seen as a guiding principle
Evolution ­ theory that life develops through natural selection (Darwin)
Faith school ­ school based on principles of a religious group
Humanist ­ category of philosophies based on human free will and
Ideology ­ a set of ideas that legitimise the power of a group
Intelligent design ­ the view that evolution occurred but was guided by a
supreme being/higher power
Magic ­ events not explained by traditional science
Monotheistic ­ religions based around worship of one god
Polytheistic ­ religions based around worship of many gods
Sacred ­ regarded with awe and reverence
Theistic ­ religions that have a belief in sacred, higher powers

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Totems ­ objects like animals and plants that are believed to have supernatural
Substantive definitions or religion ­ those who attempt to explain what
religion actually is
Functional definitions of religion ­ focus on the role religion plays in
societies and individuals
Polythetic definitions of religion ­ those who attempt to define religion
through a list of possible characteristics…read more


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