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Latifah Davis-Cole


The impact of science

Has had an enormous impact on society over the last few centuries.
Success had led to a widespread `faith in science'
Science causes problems as well as solves them, for example, pollution/global warming

Open belief systems

Popper: Science is an `open'…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

Denial of legitimacy to rivals: Beliefs systems reject alternative worldviews.

Science as a closed system

Polyani: argues that all belief systems reject challenges to their knowledge-claims ­ science is no
Kuhn: argues biology or physics is based on a set of shared assumptions that he calls a…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

It is therefore possible for the w.class to develop class consciousness and overthrow capitalism
Abercrombie: argues that is economic factors such as the fear of unemployment that keeps
workers from rebelling

Karl Mannheim: Ideology and Utopia

o Sees ALL belief system as partial or a one-sided worldview.




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