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Atoms- The structure.............Slide 2
Atoms (continued).............Slide 3
Solids, liquids and gases!.........Slide 4
Ionic bonding.........Slide 5
Covalent bonding..........Slide 6
The pH Scale...........Slide 7
Activity of metals...........Slide 8
Periodic table of Elements…read more

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Atoms- The structure
· Matter : is anything that has atoms and takes
up space.
· Neutrons: are the sub-atomic particles that
are not charged and situated in the nucleus of
the atom.
· Protons: are the sub-atomic particles that
are positively charged and situated in the
nucleus of the atom.
· Electrons: are outside the nucleus, and are
negatively charged, and their mass is 1/2000
of a proton.…read more

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Atoms (continued)…read more

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Solids liquids and gases!
Solid Liquid Gas
Material: Description:…read more

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Ionic bonding…read more

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Covalent bonding
Covalent compounds have lower melting points
and boiling points, than ionic componds. For
example, methane has a melting point of
-182, whereas the melting point of Sodium
Chloride is 801.
Covalent Bonding:
- Electrons are shared
- Two non- metals (or more)
- Low melting and boiling points
- Methane, water and nitrogen
- Liquids and gases at room temp.
- Relatively soft (inorganic) compounds
- Weak bonds
- Does not normally conduct electricity
- Insoluble in water
- Electron orbitals overlap…read more

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