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Drug therapy is the most common treated for schizophrenia. It consists
of anti psychotic & neuroleptic drugs. The drugs can be taken in tablet,
injection or medicine form. There are two different types of
antipsychotics typical (first generation) which reduce the dopamine,
and atypical (second generation) which reduce levels of dopamine and
serotonin. Typical drugs such as neuroleptics (also known as
Phenothiazines) are a class of drugs which work by blocking dopamine
receptors.…read more

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Discontinuation rates and time to
discontinuation where similar between first and second generation
antipsychotics though for different reasons, with discontinuation of
first generation drugs being more associated with muscular
disorders, and discontinuation from second generation drugs more
associated with weight gain and metabolic effects.
1. Atypical drugs have been found to damage the immune system.
2. The drugs control the individual and take away their
3. Atypical have less symptoms.
4. Even though medication is taken further therapy and blood checks
are needed.…read more

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Power of medication is publication bias. This means that all the
negative or bad or failed research does not get published.
E.C.T was an experimental procedure that was used in to the 1930s
when there was a lack of mental health staff. Cerlitti believed that
seizures would stop or reduce schizophrenia. Cerlitti claimed that
because seizures and Schizophrenia are so closely related and usually
overlap each other that only one could exist at the same time.…read more

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Chanpattana found that using ECT three times a week was more
productive than using it twice a week. He also found that ECT was
successful at reducing positive symptoms of Schizophrenia and their
social functioning.
Adams Adams conducted a Meta analysis on the effects of using
ECT to treat Schizophrenia. He found that there are beneficial short
term effects. Long term affects on Schizophrenia remain unclear. He
concluded that ECT is at its most powerful when used in
collaboration with antipsychotics.…read more

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Cognitive Behavioral
Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to change
abnormal/irrational thoughts. The theory is based around
the cognitive triangle. CBT is used based on the belief
that Schizophrenia is the result of faulty cognitions. The
treatment therefore focuses on the thoughts and ways to
change a patient's behavior. Coping techniques are also often gives to
the patients to help them prevent a relapse or help stop a psychotic
attack from occurring.…read more

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Tarrier found a significant alleviation of positive symptoms in a GSE
group as opposed to a non treatment group who were still on the
waiting list. The patients were also on medication.
Sensky Found that CBT was very effective at reducing negative and
positive symptoms in those Schizophrenics that are resistant to
antipsychotics. No other form of treatment has been found to reduce
negative symptoms.
Zimmerman found that after having CBT, patients can be free of
symptoms for up to 12 months.…read more



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