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(scenes from childhood)
Schumann…read more

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· Written by Schumann for his wife Clara, a virtuoso
pianist herself .
· It is unclear when the first performance was.
· The piece was written at a time when the piano was
greatly developed and Schumann explores these
developments by using a wide range and the sustaining
pedal to enhance the piece.
· The Scenes from childhood is a collection of 13 small
piano pieces
· They are classed as a romantic miniature and contain
programmatic features of childhood scenes.
· We are only looking at numbers 1,3 and 11.…read more

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Von Fremden Landern und
Menschen (of foreign lands and
G major
Rounded binary (A B A)…read more

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A bars 1-8 and 15-22
· These is homophonic texture with a singing melody in
the right hand
· This is accompanied by a bass note on each quaver and
triplet quavers in the middle voice. These quavers
happen throughout the whole piece and create a sense
of unity.
· The harmony is diatonic and ends with a perfect
cadence. The melody finishes on the mediant.
· There is periodic phrasing. 3-4 balances 1-2 (it is
essentially a repeat) and which is balanced by 5-8.
· There is an interesting 4-3 suspension in bar 6/7…read more

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B bars 9-14
· For bars 9-12 the melody is in the bass, this is
accompanied by a rocking chrotchet
countermelody in thirds in the RH
· In bars 11-12 there is a modulation into E minor
but this is soon followed by in interrupted
cadence (V-IV) which leads back into G major.
· The final two bars are a rit with the tune in the
RH and a perfect cadence in G major.
· The first four chords of the section are E A7 D G
which are part of the circle of 5ths.…read more

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(catch me if you can)
B minor
Rounded binary form (AA B A)…read more

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