Schubert- "Der Doppelganger" Notes

This is all the major points for the categories of:

  • Resources
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Tonality
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Rhythm and Metre

For this set work. There is also some background info as well:)

For each point, if there needs be, I have also put examples like bar numbers next to them.

Relative? Means whether you can include this point in the 10 marker essay, eg whether or not this is a Romantic feature. I have put REL next to the background info if that is relevant as well.

I hope this helps x

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-Composed 1828 REL
-Text is from a poem by Heinrich Heine, "The Ghostly Double" REL
-Part of group of songs called "Swan Song" meaning that they were Schubert's last REL
-A `lied'- German song
Point Example Rel?
Resource -Tenor voice and piano
s -Full vocal range is wide (compound minor…

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Rhythm -Strong syllables have longer notes on accented beats of the
and bar
Metre -3/4 metre


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