scholarly view on animal experimentation

scholars opinion on animal experimentation. Tom Regan, Carl Cohen, Micehal A Fox, Peter Singer and Andrew Linzey

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Scholarly opinion of animal experimentation
Peter Singer
Treating animals differently to human beings is discrimination- speciesism. To
discriminate on the account of their species is a form of prejudice. AGAINST
animal exp
Andrew Linzey
Christian- God's love intended for all creation, not just humans. Christians
should treat animals according to their intrinsic value- God given. God loves all
creation so treating animals wrong would be disrespecting God's right to be
respected AGAINST animal exp
Tom Regan
Example of the life boat. Animals shouldn't be used for our pleasure as they
have their own rights. However humans are more important. Middle view on
animal exp
Carl Cohen
Only moral members with moral claims have rights- to be able to make moral
claims you need to have autonomy. Animals lack this = don't have any rights.
FOR animal exp
Michael A Fox
Animals don't have moral significance. Moral members are members able to
make rational decisions. Animals can't do this. FOR animal exp


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