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Side Affects One way of
measuring how effect medication is, is by looking at the side
effects. Atypical and
typical drug both
have different side
effects. Typical
drugs have the following side affects; dry mouth, muscle
stiffness, muscle cramping, tremors, EPS and weight-gain & 4% of
patients suffer…

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schizophrenia, it only tackles the symptoms. It does not change
the genetics, it does not change the way the brain produces
dopamine or serotonin or the re up take cycle of it, it doesn't
change the communication between the families and it doesn't
alter the irrational thoughts of the individual.…

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Psychological Although anti psychotics can be very effective, they are not
appropriate for everyone. The method of treatment aims to
change the biochemistry in the brain. Therefore those who
have psychological problems would not be suitable for the
anti psychotic drugs.
Used Alone However when using anti-psychotics they…


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