schizophrenia- ECT Evaluation

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Quick One way to measure the effectiveness of ECT, is to see how quick
the treatment works. ECT can need up to 12 sessions to work
effectively. However many people only need 2. This shows that the
effectiveness of the treatment depends on the patient. However
Chanpattana found that having ECT 3 times a week was more
successful at reducing positive symptoms than having it twice a
week. This shows the more often you have the treatment the more
Positive Vs Although more treatments work better they have not been found
negative to be very effective for negative symptoms. This is good because
the positive symptoms such as hallucinations are the symptoms
that cause the most problems in life. On the other hand the
negative symptoms do cause problems such as alogia. This
reinforces the argument that ECT is not a cure for Schizophrenia.
Palliative Many support the claim that ECT is not a cure. The treatment only
focuses on the symptoms as there is scientific evidence that these
decrease, but relapse rates do occur therefore its obvious its not a
cure.. Therefore the treatment is criticised for being palliative and
not curative.
Placebo But the question is do the patients really get better or do they just
effect psychologically get better. We are not 100% sure how ECT works,
many researchers claim that many patients fall for the placebo
effect. Since we don't know how ECT works then it's hard to argue
that it actually works.
medication Even thought it has been found to be effective when treating
Schizophrenia, research has found that the treatment is only highly
effecting when used in combination with medication. This points
out that the treatment is not effective on its own and other forms
of treatment are more effective. This can be challenged by the
fact ECT only gets used as a last resort when all other medication
has failed. Maybe treatments rely on each other to be effective.
Counter ECT is known for leading to memory problems and other side
Productive. effects. Memory problems are already symptoms in some
Schizophrenics or sometimes the disorder. The treatment is there
saw to be counterproductive.
Relapse When ECT has been used over a long period many patients are
Rates back to normal. However in many cases relapses do occur.

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Side As with all forms of biological treatments there is many side effects.
effects Memory loss is one of the main major symptoms. However some
claim that this can be at an advantage to people with mental
illness', as they forget the past experiences that they went
thought. Muscle damage was a common problem back in the 30's
as muscle relaxant was not given. This is less common now but it still
does occur.…read more

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Not sure ECT is highly criticised by many researchers but one certain
how it researcher called ADAMS. Adams referred to the method of ECT as
works. the same as " banging a TV until it works". This is because we don't
know how it works. ECT used to be an acceptable form of
treatment for Schizophrenia but now it is not because we don't
know how It works. Therefore the treatment is saw to be
inappropriate.…read more


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