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Schizophrenia…read more

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Definition of schizophrenia and diagnosis-
Issues surrounding classification- 5
Explanations of schiz (biological and
psychological)- 7
Therapies- 11…read more

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What is schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a disorder that involves
both positive [additional behaviours-
disorganised speech] and negative
symptoms [loss of behaviour- social
DSM IV was published by the American
Psychiatric Association IN 1994whereas
the ICD-10 was published by World
Health organisation in 1992…read more

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According to DSM-IV, 3 characteristics must be
present in order for someone to be diagnosed:
1. Characteristic symptoms: Delusions,
Hallucinations, Disorganized speech must be
present for 1 month.
2. Social dysfunction
3. Significant duration: signs for at least 6 months
According to the ICD-10, symptoms have to persit
for a month…read more

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Issues surrounding classification
and diagnosis of schizophrenia
Reliability- Whaley found that inter-rater
reliability correlations in the diagnosis of
schizophrenia as low as 0.11.//Rosenhan
found that 8 `normal' people could get
themselves admitted to mental hospitals
claiming to hear voices. Staff suspected 41
out of 193 genuine patients as being fakes.
//Copeland gave a description of a patient
to 134 US psychiatrists and 194 British
psychiatrists. 69% of US psychiatrists
diagnosed schizophrenia, but only 2% of
British psychiatrists gave same diagnosis…read more

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Validity- Schneider listed psychotic symptoms
that he believed distinguished schizophrenia from
other psychotic disorders however some of the
schz symptoms are found in bipolar and
Low predictive validity- Bleu's study. With 2000
schz patients in the study, it was found that 20%
would have a full recovery, 40% would recover
from positive symptoms but 40% wouldn't.…read more

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