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Therapies can be timeconsuming and, in some cases, uncomfortable for the client. It is
therefore very important, to offer the most appropriate and effective type of treatment.

Outline and evaluate two or more therapies used in the treatment of schizophrenia. (9 +
16 Marks)

There are many therapies that are…

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Biological therapies are mostly centred around the fact that high dopamine levels can cause
schizophrenic symptoms, so the aim of medication is to decrease dopamine levels. There are two
types of medications that have been associated with the treatment of schizophrenia. Typical
(conventional) antipsychotic medication and atypical antipsychotic medication

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One explanation of gambling addiction is centred around the fact that addition is a learnt behaviour.
Many individual factors may be involved in the initiation and maintenance of gambling as well the
relapse. Operant conditioning states that gambling is a conditioned behaviour, which is maintained by
irregular schedules of reinforcement…


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