Schaffer and Emmerson study for attachment

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Schaffer and Emmerson 1964:
The aim of this study was to find out if the learning theory was true.
What happened? (Procedure)
60 Babies from working class homes in Glasgow were observed every 4 weeks for their first year.
Their mothers were asked about their babies protests and characteristics in various separation
What did they find?
They found that the person that infants were more attached to was not the person that fed them.
Fewer than half of the infants had a primary attachment to the person who actually fed, bathed and
changed them.
The infants were most attached to the person who was most responsive to them and who interacted
with them the most.
This study was more representative because it was carried out with babies, therefore making it
more valid because they didn't do the study with monkeys. ­ more applicable.


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