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Scenario Water changes by 2025 Wider impacts
Business as usual Water scarcity will reduce food Developing countries will
production. become reliant on food imports
Consumption of water will rise and experience increased
by over 50%. hunger and malnutrition. In
Household water use will sub-Saharan Africa, grain
increase by 70%. imports will more than triple. In
Industrial water demand will parts of W USA, China, India,
increase in developing countries. Egypt and N Africa water will be
pumped faster than aquifers can
Water crisis Global water consumption will Food production will decline and
increase mostly for irrigation food prices especially cereals
Worldwide, demand for will increase rapidly. In
domestic water will fall developing countries
Demand for industrial water will malnutrition and food insecurity
increase by 33% over business will increase. Dam building will
as usual level, yet industrial decline and key aquifers in
output will remain the same China, India and N Africa will fail.
Conflict over water between
and within countries will
Sustainable water Global water consumption and Food production could increase
industrial water use will have to slightly and shifts occur where it
fall considerably. is grown. Prices could fall slowly.
Environmental flows could be Investment in sustainable
increase dramatically compared technologies would increase.
to other scenarios Governments could delegate
Global rain fed crop yields could farm management to community
increase due to improvements in groups.
water harvesting and use of
sustainable farming techniques
Agricultural and household
water prices might double in
developed countries and triple
in the developing world


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