Scandals during the Kaiserreich

Description and significance of:

  • The Eulenberg Affair
  • The Daily Telegraph Affair
  • The Zabern Affair
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Scandals during the Kaiserreich
Scandal Description Significance
Eulenburg Kaiser's inner circle accused of being homosexuals after Targeted Kaiser, to attain certain
Affair Military Secretariat Dietrich von HulsenHaester performed a political goals, after the failure of the
ballet wearing a women's tutu when his heart failed and he died First Moroccan Crisis
Initially, Kaiser successfully hushes up incident but later allows
public trials to take place
The Daily Kaiser expressed wishes for close relations with Britain in an Kaiser's trust n the Chancellor
Telegraph interview weakened ­ responsible to Kaiser, not
Affair Bulow had cleared article before publication and ended up Reichstag
caught between demands of Reichstag and Kaiser ­ sided with Chancellor later forced to resign
Kaiser criticised for making important statement on Foreign
Policy to foreign press ­ didn't respect conditions of
constitution as should have consulted Reichstag
The Zabern General in Alsace Lorraine made comments about people in that Military growing in power
Affair colony ­ got jeered at in public and responded by arresting Reichstag called vote of no confidence
people 293/54
Kaiser sent in military to investigate but mainly ignored the Chancellor ignored the vote ­
issue responsible to the Kaiser ­ weak
Tension between people and miltary


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