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Savage-Rumbaugh et al-
Ape Language
Cognitive Approach…read more

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Gardner and Gardner with Washoe (female
chimp) found that apes are able to learn a non-
spoken language e.g. ASL
Loulis (baby chimp adopted by Washoe) was
seen to use hand gestures without training,
although this wasn't formally assessed/observed,
unlike Koko.
Koko is a gorilla studied by Patterson and
Koko was assessed using the Assessment of
Children's Language Comprehension Test which
involves the subject being presented with 4
drawings and a sentence, with the questions
becoming harder each time.
Koko managed to get half the answers right
throughout the test.
Previous studies…read more

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To study human language capabilities in
pygmy chimpanzees (Bonobos)
Aims and Hypotheses…read more

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· Behavioural concordance
No IV due to this was NOT an experiment,
however, 2 species of chimp were used so
it could be argued that the IV was the
species of chimp.
Variables…read more

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Longitudinal case study
10 years long, but this report is after 17
Experimental Design Method…read more

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4 apes- 2 Bonobos (Kanzi and Mulika);
2 Common Chimps (Sherman and
Mother to Mulika and adoptive mother to
Kanzi, Matata was from the wild
Kanzi- Main focus of study, born in
captivity (30-47 months)
Mulika- Child of Matata,
Both Mulika and Kanzi were separated
from Matata as infants (11-21 months)
Kanzi and Mulika never taught any
symbols- learned them spontaneously
Participants…read more

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