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There are four main rites of passage in During this ceremony they burn their Sacred
Hinduism, which they call Samskaras. Thread and give up all possessions, this will
Samskara literally means refinement since be the last time that will see their family.
they purify and sanctify the body, ennoble the After the ceremony they embark on a
soul and refine the personality. spiritual journey around India where they
There are other 40 Samskaras, which were focus on gaining Moksha.
reduced to 16.
Hindu Funeral:
Sacred Thread: All Hindu's will eventually die, and Hindus
High Caste Hindu boys have a Sacred Thread cremate the bodies of fellow Hindus as soon
ceremony between the ages of 8 and 13, as possible after death.
depending on the Caste. The Hind funeral and mourning customs
This marks the beginning of the ensure that the atman moves onto a new
Brahmacharya stage in life. body, therefore it is essential that they focus
During the ceremony the boy will be given a on gaining Moksha.
Sacred Thread to wear, which he will wear
fro this point onwards. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO:
Only males of the top three Castes can enter
this stage in life, no low Caste Hindu boys · DESCRIBE EACH CEREMONY IN
are offered the Thread, and neither are the DETAIL!
Hindus are expected to marry and it is the PASSAGE SERVE A USEFUL PURPOSE
duty of the parents to arrange a marriage for IN A MODERN SOCIETY.
their son/daughter. Parents find a suitable
partner and once both families are happy the
marriage ceremony takes place.
This ceremony marks the start of the
Grihastha stage in life.
Minks are not allowed to marry.
The Rite of Renunciation:
Some High Caste Hindu men may choose to
enter this final Ashrama by becoming a
wondering holy man or Sannyasin.
This stage is optional and few men choose to
enter it. Those who do enter it leave their
family and friends following a simple


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