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The attraction and activities
St Luc ia is a be autiful is lands of the e as te rn Caribbe an.
The is land offe rs a be autiful lands c ape s for attrac tion
s uc h as volc anoe s , mangrove fore s ts , c oral re e fs , and
tropic al rainfore s t and as we ll as man-made one s s uc h
as banana plantations .…read more

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Positive and Negative effects from tourism
The positive effect of the tourism is the economic boost that island receive
from this industry. Tourist visiting more then thousand meaning more money
in. Which could spent on improving there island like roadways, seaports,
people living there, airports, bridges, for there people, emergency services
and facilities and more.
In a negative effects, tourism harmful to the environment in a variety of ways.…read more


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