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The Russian Revolution
1917…read more

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The Tsar's Abdication
· The Tsar abdicated on March 15th 1917. As Nicholas tried to return
to Petrograd his train was stopped and he got told he had to
abdicate after being asked if Alix he could take over but he was too
ill and Nicholas suggested his brother Grand duke Michael but he
got told no so he was forced to abdicate.…read more

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The provisional Government
· The provisional Government was set up but yet again it wasn't an
elected parliament. The provisional government was the Duma but
since they disobeyed the Tsar they were no longer the Duma. At this
time the soviet was also forming which was made up of workers and
soldiers and both groups had authority.
· The head of the provisional Government was Georgy Lvov.
· The problems the new government had were the same as the
problems the Tsar faced. How would the new government deal with
this?…read more

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Problems the Provisional
government Faced.
· Should Russia continue to fight the war against Germany?
· PG had to continue but by doing so they lost support of the people.
· Many army units were mutinying what should be done?
· Deserts were shot this way of keeping control but it angered the
· How should Increasing strikes and demonstrations be dealt with?
· The government was lenient but they demonstrations continued.…read more

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Continued ......
· The peasants were demanding land what should be done?
· As the new government hadn't be properly elected they had no
power to give any land to the peasants.
· The soviets had been set up what could be done about that?
· They had to work with them
· They assumed power what should be done about a proper election?
· They would have it after the war.…read more

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Events leading up to the Revolution
· March 7th 1917 ­ 20,000 workers from the Putilov factory went on
strike demanding higher wages.
· March 10th 1917 ­ Over 250,000 workers went on strike and massive
demonstration against the Tsar took place, units of the army opened
fire of the strikers.
· March 11th 1917 ­ Michael Rodzianko, president of the Duma asked
the Tsar to appoint a new government and warns him no one is in
control in the capital.
· March 12th 1917 ­ The army and Duma refuse to obey the Tsar and
forms it's own government. A soviet is set up (council of workers) is
formed.…read more

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