Russian History - Brief Timeline

Just a short summary of the course in date order - not very detailed.

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Russia ­ Overview Timeline
Crimean War (1854 ­ 1856)
Tsar Nicholas I died.
Alexander II began social and political reform.
1 of Europe's 5 great powers (20% of world's land surface).
80% population were serfs.
Alexander II issued the Imperial Ukase (emancipated serfs) and political reforms (elective local gov.).
"People's Will" assassinated Alexander II.
"People's Will" attempted to assassinate Alexander III.
Beginning of the "Great Spurt" towards economic modernisation; Trans-Siberian Railway. Witte.
1894 ­ Nicholas II.
Prime Minister Stolypin aided peasants.
Revolution caused by Russia's defeat in the Far East to Japan which undermined government support and
created peasant unrest. Highlighted the need for parliamentary reform and created first elected national
parliament "Duma".
`Duma' was a constituent assembly (parl.) but had no real power; still attempted political reform.
WWI and Crisis begins in Russia.
Revolution defeated Nicholas II (abdicated.)
Replaced with a Republic ­ Supported democracy.
Feb ­ Oct liberal political reform under Provisional Government.
Lenin banned free press and political parties
Introduction of concentration camps and secret police. Communist Dictatorship.
Collective Government (until '28).
Social and economic transformation instigated (until '53).
Independent peasantry destroyed ­ Forced collectivisation of agriculture.
Stalin becomes leader.
1934 ­ 1939

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Great Purges' terror campaign.
Secret police imprison and kill millions.
1941 ­ 1945
Defeat Nazi Germany in `Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union' ­ economic power.
One of 2 world superpowers.
First nuclear weapon exploded.
Kruschev denounced Stalin in 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Leading world power in space exploration ­ Sputnik.
Strict Stalin Ideologies removed.…read more


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