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The Bare Essentials: Imperial Russia

1. Geography
The Russian Empire was very large. So large, in fact, that it covered onesixth
of our planet's land surface. At it's greatest extent it was 5,000 miles from west
to east and 2,000 miles from north to south: a total of some 8.5…

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The peasants were largely illiterate, religious, superstitious and highly
conservative. At the middle of the nineteenth century most peasants were serfs
­ virtual slaves ­ with no personal freedom at all.

The rest of Russian society was made up of landowners, army officers,
government officials, bureaucrats, clergy, professionals (such as…

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Imperial Russia


1. How large was the Russian Empire?

2. How much of Russian land was suitable for farming? How did the
climate make matters worse?

3. Describe the change in Russia's population from 18141914.

4. Draw a simple diagram to show the structure of Russian society. Be

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8. How did the Tsar view his relationship with his subjects?

9. The Tsar ruled by divine right. What does this mean?

10.Did the Tsar seek advice?

11.Why was it necessary to rule Russia as a colony?

12.Who kept order throughout the Empire?

13.What role did the Church play in…


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