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War Communism

Main Features
- The Bolsheviks believed that the socialist society needed to be created and that tough methods
were needed. Trotsky said that "Soviet authority is organised war" and Lenin " The proletarian
slogan must be: civil war".
- Lenin attacked the banks on the 14th December he…

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relaxing of the harsh controls on the economy. They also wanted political prisoners to be
released, equal rations for all workers and elections by secret ballot.
- They found support and many demonstrated in sympathy in Moscow and Petrograd. They
wanted an end to the Communists.
- It was an…

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Peasant ­ Soviet ­ executive committee ­ Layers of government ­ Top of government
Democracy was lacking however: Sovnarkom was in charge and made the laws and
other city and provincial soviets made decisions without lower soviet input at all.
The reasons for these discrepancies are usually attributed to Russia's…

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Corruption from the Nepmen was rife and bribes could get you nearly anything. Crime
and prostitution were rife.
Trade agreements from countries like Britain and Germany followed as it was assumed
that the Communist experiment was over.
Birth of the USSR

On the 29th December 1922 the USSR was created…

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In the Ukraine and Black Sea regions the Bolsheviks won back land with the help of land
reform and pure brute force. Ukraine fell in 1920. Spring 1920 saw the defeat of
Azerbaijan, winter 1920 Armenia and early 1921 Georgia. Khiva and Bukhara were also
conquered in Central Asia.


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