Russia in revolution 1881-1924 timeline

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Alexander II assasinated by `the University Statute restricts Construction of the Accession of Nicholas II who will Social Revolutionary Party SDs split into mensheviks (under January:Bloody sunday
peoples will'. academic freedoms Lenin's elder Trans-Siberian railway. be the last tsar (SRs), a development of the Plekhanov) and Bolsheviks Port Arthur surrenders to the
This leads to the introduction of brother executed for his involvement Famine in European Russia. Populism formed under Victor (under Lenin) Japanese.
the repressive `temporary laws' in a plot to murder Alexander III. 1894: Death of Alexander III Chernov Bad harvest
under his successor Alexander 1895: Nicholas was visited by Increased industrial development February: Assassination of
III. the delegation of the Zemstva = Grand Duke Sergei, the Tsar's
Repression of radical political 1889- Creation of Land Captains asking for greater political helped the economy and uncle.
groups. responsibility communications Major strike involving 400,000
Russification becomes a major 1897: Formation of the Jewish workers.
Government policy. Bund Russian defeat at Mukden
1881 1884-5 1887 1890 1891 1892 1894 1898 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905
New strict criminal code Zemsto Act set up a network of Witte becomes Finance Minister All Russian Social Democratic Lenin published his pamphlet, ` Outbreak of the Russo-Japanese April: Peasant unprising begins
introduced. Rural councils. and Russia experiences `the Workers' Party (SDs) of Marxist what is to be done', setting out war see the humiliation defeat of in Kursk province.
Peasant bank created. Restricted to vote. great spurt' of industrial growth revolutionaries formed. his revolutionary programme. Russia.
Primary schools under Church and production. Bad harvest May: Battle of Tsushima
control. Economic policies for rapid 1900- World Trade recession Constitutional Democratic Party
1885 - Russification, Russia industrialisation. (Kadets) formed under Paul
became official language Milyukov; creates Union of
Unions to lead revolutionary
1905 1905 1905 1906 1907 1912 1914
June: Potemkin Mutiny October: Railway workers strike. November: Abolition of First Duma meets in Tauide Stolypin as Prime minister Fourth Duma begins until WW1 outbreak
Creation of the St.Petersburg Soviet. Redemption dues promised palace, St.Petersburg. April-June embarks on a combined policy outbreak of WW1 September: Russian victory of
August: war ends with Japan. October Manifesto issued. Elections held for first Duma of Political repression and Strikes and demonstrations the capture of Austro-Hungarian
Treaty of Portsmouth Octobrist party formed. December: Soviets and First Duma sits followed by agrarian reform. increasing. fortress
workers groups crushed by Vyborg manifesto. Feb-June: 2nd Duma by 1913 even Duma Leaders Dec: 30,000 Russians
September: Formation of the army Witte dismissed as chief minister Change in electoral warning of new political crisis killed/inkured
first Soviets. and replaced by Stolypin. Nov 1907-June 1912:3rd Lena Goldfields (massacre) 95,000 captured
General strike Fundamental Law Duma
Vyborg appeal Russian economy on gold 1913: Celebration of 300 years of
standard= Economy boom the Romanov dynasty
1912: Stolypin assassinated - brought country together.
1915 1916 1917 1917 1917 1917 1917
Duma reassembled, progressive Morale is low January: 9th- inflation at its 24th- strikes continue and small March: June: June offensive led to August: Kornilov begins march
Bloc formed in duma Huge numbers of casualties worst, defeats and huge lost numbers of soviets begin 1st -Petrograd soviet issues downfall of morale on Petrograd to `restore order'
June: ZEMGOR formed-all Alexandria and Rasputin loss of life,food shortages in forming. `order number 1' July: 3rd-6th- Failure of `july Bolshevik prisoners released to
Russian union of Zemsta undermining Tsar and autocracy. cities, tsarist regime very 25th- 200,000 workers now on 2nd-Revolution= Tsar days' Bolshevik uprising against help resistance. (kornilov affair)
July: Central War industry Food shortages unpopular. strike abdicates the Provisional Government. 24th- Kornilov puts troops in
committee set up by Octobrists 31st- sporadic strike across Cossack troops fight police to 3rd-Michael Romanov rejects Three hundred Bolsheviks Petrograd to protect.
August: Nicholas II appoints December: Rasputin murdered by Russia protect protestors. throne= END OF ROMANOV arrested. Rumour Kornilov wants to
himself commander-in-chief of a group of aristocrats February: 14th- state Duma is 26th- Tsar orders the use of DYNASTY Lenin flees from Petrograd. overthrow= Kerneskys fears
the Russian armies. reconvened. military force to break the strike. April: 8th- Kerensky becomes prime take over so he arms
100,000 workers strike at Troops fire on protestors causing 3rd- Lenin returns to minister Bolsheviks and arrests Kornilov
Putilov Factories in Petrograd. casualties. Petrograd after completing his 18th- Kornilov becomes September: Bolsheviks gain a
19th- Petrograd authorities 27th- State Duma refuse to journey across Europe in a commander-in-chief, replaces majority in Petrograd Soviet and
announce bread will be rationed disband, form a 12 man sealed train under german Brusilov elect Trotsky as chairman
from 1st March. committee. protection
State Duma is suspended. 4th-April Theses
Provisional Government form 28th-Nicholas II prevented from 7th- April Theses published in
dual government with the returning to Petrograd. the Pravada newspaper.
soviets May: the May Provisional
Government reorganised.

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Kerensky becomes Minister of
1917 1917 1918 1920 1921 1922 1923
October: Bolshevik seizure of October: January: Lenin cancels all Peasant rebellions against grain Reds win civil war Cheka renamed GPU Creation of the Triumvirate- an
power 26th- Bolsheviks establish foreign and domestic debts. requisitioning. Kronstadt Mutiny Attacks on organised religion alliance of Zinoviey, Kamenev
7th- Lenin secretly returns to Sovnarkom with Lenin as Chairman. 1/3 of industry was taken from Tenth Party congress: Lenin Creation of USSR and Stalin.…read more

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