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Alexander II assasinated by `the University Statute restricts Construction of the Accession of Nicholas II who will Social Revolutionary Party SDs split into mensheviks (under January:Bloody sunday
peoples will'. academic freedoms Lenin's elder Trans-Siberian railway. be the last tsar (SRs), a development of the Plekhanov) and Bolsheviks Port Arthur surrenders…

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Kerensky becomes Minister of

1917 1917 1918 1920 1921 1922 1923
October: Bolshevik seizure of October: January: Lenin cancels all Peasant rebellions against grain Reds win civil war Cheka renamed GPU Creation of the Triumvirate- an
power 26th- Bolsheviks establish foreign and domestic debts. requisitioning. Kronstadt Mutiny Attacks on…

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