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The causes of the Russian Revolution were mainly political and cultural rather
than economic
Three main players in the political arena: the tsar, the peasantry (made up 80%
of Russia's population) and the intelligentsia.
The Tsar had absolute power.
The Tsar was above the law and had…

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Lenin quickly sensed the weakness of the Provisional Government. He
returned to Russia in April 1917, hoping to launch a revolution.
Many of his followers doubted that it would succeed; they were in the right in
July 1917 when a putsch led by the Bolsheviks badly misfired.
Leon Trotsky, a…

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Lenin ordered the Cheka to carry out mass executions of suspected
opponents. Thousands of political prisoners held without charges were shot.
Anti-communist parties were often led by former imperial officers and were
supported by the UK with money and war material.
The Red Army was formed in February 1918, and…

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The government set prices of agricultural goods too low.
The party was still faced with the challenge of building up heavy industry which
could only be funded by primitive socialist accumulation of resources from the
peasant sector.
The Bolsheviks attached great importance to every aspect of culture,
education & religion.…

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The burden of the Collectivization fell most heavily on the peasantry since
Stalin's first concern was to persuade them to sell their grain surplus and feed
the cities.
Collectivization imposed great hardship on the peasants, partly because they
were left with no surplus on which to live.
Crash industrialization was…

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Over the next four years, the centre of political life in the Soviet Union was the
exposure and suppression of ever increasing circles of alleged plotters against
the regime, all of them linked in one way or another with the Kirov case.
The brutal stage of the purges came with…


Miss E


A thorough set of notes taking Russia from the revolution in 1917 to WWII and a good starting point for revision. Take these and highlight areas you need to find out more about.



I liek it it gud :)



Pretty basic, doesn't have required detail

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