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Characteristics of a rural area

Physical Climate
factors - highland areas = sheep
- warm/sunny areas = fruit and vines
- flat land = arable
- steep slopes = sheep, aspect
- wet areas = cattle, rice
- dry areas = sheep
- lakes = reservoirs

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- Farm size (inheritance laws)
Government policies
- Quotas, subsidies e.g. EUCAP, set-aside

Settlement patterns

Why do some areas develop more rapidly than others?

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Social and economic issues with rural change

Improvements in transport

Key factors leading to growth and decline

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Cause of rural change

Issues that result from change

Physical Economic Political

relief- building on unsuitable power- shortage, reliability, wealth inequality and
sites e.g. steep high cost deprivation
slope, drainage- water industry- lack of jobs or low age profile- dependency
shortage, pollution pay, migrant labour ratio, birth rates, social

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Problems associated with development and growth
Urban sprawl
some cities in the UK have a green belt preventing urban sprawl but places such as Swindon, the
potential for urban sprawl is greater since there is not planning legislation
need for more housing- pressure on rural areas for housing developments

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Service development
there are some well sited, well-landscaped rural developments
there are some incidences of other development
o some out of town shopping areas and some unregulated businesses like scrap
metal and caravan storage which can be unsightly and detrimental to the

Decline in rural services

Environmental issues

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Management challenges


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Mr A Gibson


The challenges rural areas face... An in depth look at rural areas in general. Lots of visuals to help with learning. Although for OCR, this works with any exam board.

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