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The Cosmological Argument


· The Cosmological Argument seeks to prove the existence of God based on the fact
that there is a universe.
· It states that the universe and everything in it has a cause, and that this cause is
· The Argument is considered to be…

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· Again, he rejected infinite regress, claiming that God must have been the first
uncaused cause that caused the chain of causes, that caused all other events
to happen.

· Therefore, God is seen as a necessary being and the causal explanation of the
universe ­ who is not dependent…

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· The Argument claims that God had the only role in the creation of the universe
and still plays an important part in sustaining the universe.
· The Argument sees God as the ultimate being.

Challenges the Cosmological Argument

There are several critics of the Cosmological Argument:
· Hume

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Key strengths of the Cosmological Argument

· It is an `a posteriori' argument, meaning that people are able to observe and
experience for themselves that there is a universe, and such complexity suggests
there is a Creator.
· Supports creation stories that God created the world
· Gives an understanding…

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Reveals God as the sustainer of motion, cause and contingency ­ supports
existing belief in God. They have faith that God exists ­ known as fideism, which
argues that faith cannot be tested by using rational enquiry.
Aquinas tended the argument to point people towards a belief in God and…

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Something must have initiated the universe ­ everything that begins to exist must
have been caused to exist
Considered infinite time due to contingent nature of the universe

Strengths and weaknesses of the argument

How far does the Argument prove the existence of God?
How reasonable is it to…

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Temporal first cause (God is connected to the world as the first mover, first cause,
and the One with necessary existence who begins the lives of all those whose
existence is contingent).


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