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If Christians think WAR can be right
Some Christians believe it can be right to fight a war, however others
believe that it can never be right.
If Christians think it can be right >
They may think they have a duty to fight evil and defend the weak.

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Social Injustice
SOCIAL INJUSTICE is when some people in
society are not given the rights and privileges that
other people have

· The bible teaches that Christians should take care of
people who are weak and oppressed
· Everyone is equally valuable to God
· Some Christians join organizations that…

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Elizabeth Fry
Elizabeth Fry (17801845) was a Christian
who worked to improve conditions for
prisoners. Christians believe that all people
are 'made in the image of God' and are
equally valuable.
· She campaigned for prisoners to be
allowed privacy and education. This way,
they could be discouraged to continue…


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