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And Society
SECTION 4: Crime and Punishment…read more

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Law and Justice
· Laws are the rules that govern · How are laws made in the UK?
human relationships and society as ­ The proposed law is written out in a
a whole document called a bill
· We take responsibility for the way ­ It is then introduced and debated in the
we choose to behave House of Commonsthe First
· Justice is about enforcing the laws ­ The Bill is then debated in Parliament
in a fair and equal way againthe Second Reading
· A crime is an action that is against ­ Then it's passed to a committee, who
the law and liable to punishment go through it in detail
­ The Third Reading, debated again
· Laws in the UK are made by ­ A vote is taken
Parliament and enforced through ­ If in favour it is passed to the House of
the police and the courts Lords for discussion
· Justice comes from the courts ­ The House of Lords debate and vote
on the Bill
· Justice, law and sin
­ If it is passed it is sent to the Queen
­ Many forms of moral who gives it the Royal Assent
wrongdoing ­ The Bill then becomes an Act of
­ A sin is an act that goes against Parliament and is law
the will of God…read more

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Theories of Punishment
· Arguments for · Arguments against
­ Deterrence- prevent or discourage ­ Deterrence doesn't work
someone from doing something that · Prisons are crammed full to bursting
against the law point
· Nearly half of them re-offend
· The person who is punished may
­ Retribution doesn't work
be put off doing that action again
· Victims often feel the offender hasn't
· Someone who may have though been punished enough
about doing that action is put off · In very serious crimes, retribution can
by seeing the punishment never be achieved anyway
­ Retribution · The family of a murdered person would
· Makes the victims of the crime feel still grieve their loss no matter what
a sense of justice and revenge ­ Reform goes against the idea of punishing
­ Reform · Teaching and education criminals is not
· Providing criminals with education punishing them
and job training so that they can ­ Protection only works while criminals are
gain the skills they need to be law- locked away
abiding citizens again · They get released
· Known as rehabilitation · Another kind of punishment is increasingly
­ Protection being used in the UK
­ The criminal making amends for what they
· Protecting citizens by keeping have done
criminals in prison…read more

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Christians and Justice
· Christians should behave justly · Christians Working for Justice
­ Treat people in a fair and just way ­ Christian Aid
· Important because: · Works in areas of poverty around
­ God is a just God, people should the world
behave in the same way · Helps those in need
­ The Bible teaches God want people · Campaigns against injustice and
to act justly oppression of the poor
· Seeks to change the policies of
­ Jesus taught everyone should be
governments in rich countries by
treated fairly and equally campaigning to end debts they
­ Jesus taught `do to others what you have imposed upon the poorer
would have them do to you' nations unjustly
­ Churches teach the Christians ­ CAFOD
should behave justly · The Catholic Fund for Overseas
­ On Judgement Day, the will be Development
rewarded for behaving justly and · Campaigns for justice for the poor
punished if not of the world
· It is up to God to judge other people · Campaigned against landmines, the
debt owed by the Third World and
· He will forgive those who are truly for rich nations to take a more
sorry active role in helping the poor and
oppressed…read more

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Muslims and Justice
· God is just · The law of God
· On the Last Day He will reward ­ They must obey the Shari'ah law
those people who have done good and the laws of the country they
are in
· Believe in importance of justice
­ Shari'ah courts settle minor
because disputes
­ The Qur'an teaches that God ­ Courts have strict rules
wants people to act in justice and ­ Done publicly and a judges should
fairness to each other not try a case when he is angry,
­ Everyone is equal under Islamic hungry or distracted
law ­ Rules which Muslims believe
­ Justice is the basis of Zakah (pillar society to operate justly with
of Islam) fairness to everyone
­ The Shari'ah (law of God) requires ­ E.g. not allowing people to make
money from money-no interested
justice for everyone on loans, most Muslims say this is
­ The prophet Muhammad acted just because interest the rich richer
with justice and the poor poorer…read more

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Muslims and Justice Cont.
· All work for justice through · Two groups that campaign for
Zakah justice:
­ Part is a tax of 2.5% on very ­ Muslim Aid
Muslim's income · Works to relieve poverty around the
­ Given to the poor
· Seeks to secure justice for the poor
­ Creates a more equal and just and oppressed
society · Campaigned hard to persuade rich
­ Muslims are encouraged to give to nations to be more generous in their
giving to the poor
· Has sought to get rid of oppression
· Giving money to charity or acting in areas of great poverty and
in charitable way deprivation
· The knowledge that God is ­ Islamic Relief
watching everything · Seeks to improve the lives of people
affect by poverty, wars and natural
· Every deed is recorded in disasters
preparation for the Day of · Provides emergency food and
medical relief
Judgement · Supports projects which provide
long-term solutions to basic needs…read more

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