R.S Philosophy GCSE -Explain how Christians might use Jesus’s teaching in their lives (6 marks)

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Oliver St John 17th May 2010 CW
Explain how Christians might use Jesus's teaching in their lives.
Christians often refer to the Sermon of the Mount (Mathew: 57) whilst stating
Jesus's teachings. Many feel it is useful as it is a compilation of Jesus's sayings
summarizing how his moral views on how Christians should live their lives. Some
Christians even believe that the sermon t is a commentary of the Ten
The majority of the beginning of the sermon comprises of the Beatitudes
(blessings). It refers to moral or spiritual qualities of Christian discipleship.
Christians interpret from verses such as `blessed are the meek', that they should
live a lowly life without too much power as `they will inherit the earth.' Some
Christians learn from the phrase `blessed are the pure in heart' that they should
live their lives without deception but with good motives and they will be rewarded
by being able to `see God.' Other Christians may try to follow Jesus's teachings
and suffer unrighteously as they feel the kingdom of heaven will reward them.
Some Christians set out trying to achieve worldly peace as they feel they will be
rewarded by being called the son of God.
However some Christians feel that the Sermon of the Mount should not be taken
literally and there is a large use of hyperbole. Some Christians believe that those
who mourn for the dead will receive comfort from God however others feel that
one should have happiness at any cost rather than expressing your sorrow for the
dead. Some Christians also live by some of the metaphors hinted in the sermon
such as the reference to `salt', they feel that
1314. Salt a flavouring... flavouring society, giving quality to it.
Light shining good moral example, representing. not supposed to hide
your light, but not show it off.
Resist the urge to show off doing good. Pure altruism very rare.
Verse 22 if you stop the small anger you don't lose control of yourself and
do wrong. Small thing to stop a bigger thing happening. Jesus is angry
Verse 28 hyperbole.
2728. `only divorce if woman commits adultery. More stress on marriage
nowadays, people live longer, not making the right choices.
Do not swear. Quakers go to jail if they swear.
From what we have seen, the Sermon on the Mount is intended to identify the
ways in which the followers of Jesus should behave in living a life of acceptance
of God's gracious invitation to enter the kingdom of heaven.


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