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Christian Quotes and Teachings
Fertility treatment, surrogacy and abortion:
Children are gifts from god. Roman Catholic Church disagree, as
they believe that life begins when the egg is fertilised- the same as
killing a human. Don't support Surrogacy, AID or IVF, as its like a 3rd
person becoming involved in the marriage.
Believe God chooses whether they will have kids and God knows us
when were in the womb.
Embryology, transplant surgery and blood transfusions:
Embryo research threatens the sanctity of life.
Most Christians support the organ, blood and tissue donation.
Seen as acts of charity.
Jehovah's Witnesses believe "The life of everything is in the blood"
They allow transplant surgery but not blood transfusions.…read more

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Genetic Engineering:
Many are worried that it will make changes to God's creation.
Others argue that God is the creator and that his work is ongoing.
Methodists accept it if its used to heal diseases.
Not acceptable to most. "God has given us all uniquness that He
has given to no one else"
Some believe if cloning is carefully controlled there might be
benefits to the human race.…read more

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Earning Money:
God worked when he created the universe , after the original sin
God told Adam that humans would have to work to eat "by the
sweat of their brow"
They believe that all wealth is given by God and people are judged
on how they use it. They see nothing wrong with being millionaires
, as long as all Christians give a tenth (tithe) of their earnings to
Some think that wealthy people can become greedy. "the love of
money is the root of all evil"…read more

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Many view gambling as a sin. Others believe that there is
nothing really wrong with just tries at the lottery, as part of the
money goes to good causes.
Poverty can be more than not having enough money for
example loneliness, illness or unhappiness. "love thy
neighbour "…read more

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Attitudes towards justice:
Jesus taught that people should act in a just way towards each other
"Be merciful, just as your Father (God) is merciful"
Attitudes towards forgiveness:
Christianity is based on love and forgiveness and that humanity was
cut off from God through the actions of Adam and Eve, however God
sent Jesus to allow Christians to be forgiven for their sins and have a
relationship with God.
Christians believe that God forgives those who are truly sorry. This
idea is called repentance. The Lord's Prayer says "Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us."…read more

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Attitudes towards Punishment:
Some Christians believe that God will make His judgement on everyone
rewarding the good and punishing the bad in the afterlife
However other Christians believe that God will only reward those who
are Christian and have had faith in Jesus as a way to salvation as being
saved by actions alone seems too easy.
Jesus said that God would make a judgement on all people therefore it
was not up to people to make judgement. "Do not judge and you will
not be judged. Do not condemn and you will be forgiven."
Attitudes towards Capital Punishment:
Most Christians are against the death penalty as:
1. St Paul said "Do not repay anyone evil with evil"
2. They also believe in the Sanctity of life;
3. It also goes against the idea of reform.
However, other Christians believe it is a way of preventing serious
crime as: The Old Testament allows capital punishment…read more

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