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After the Questions/ Revision Booklet
05 January 2012
Cr and Cu are the awkward ones:
Cr: [Ar] 4s13d5 This cost me 16% in the questions!
Cu:[Ar] 4s1 3d10
Molecular Mass:
Molecular mass is the highest peak on a mass spectrometer graph This cost me 2%
First Ionisation Energies decrease down a group because of increased shielding.
Second Ionisation Energy is of Sodium is much greater than the first because there is less shielding.
This cost me 2%
My Score:
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Topic 1.2
30 December 2011
Cation: A group of positively charged ions
Anion: A group of negatively charged ions
Na Na + + e-
Pasted from <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion#Anions_and_cations>
Cl + e - Cl -
Pasted from <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion#Anions_and_cations>
See Topic 1.2 Ext On Next Page
Moles = mass ÷molar mass
Moles=concentration X Volume
Avragado's Constant
The number of atoms in 1 mole of
Therefore: 10 moles of H = 10X(6.022X1023)=6.…read more

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Topic 1.3
30 December 2011
Ionic Bond: The outer shells of the atom are completed by giving away or taking electrons to form
positive or negative ions.
Covalent Bond: The sharing of electrons in the outer shell of an atom
Metallic Bond: A regular lattice structure of close packed ions
Dative covalent bond means that one of the atoms in the bonding pair has donated both electrons.
Electronegativity: The power of an atom to attract the electrons of it's covalent bonds.…read more


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