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DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders)
A classification system that lists all currently
accepted diagnoses of mental disorders and
their symptoms
It is used by psychiatrists
It has to be regularly revised due to problems
with accuracy of diagnoses to improve the
validity and diagnosis of mental health
In this study, DSM-II is used at the time.…read more

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Aims and hypotheses
To illustrate the problems in determining normality
and abnormality and in diagnosing mental illness
To illustrate the negative consequences of being
diagnosed as abnormal and effects of
Research Question Do the characteristics that
lead to a diagnosis of abnormality reside in the
patients or in the environment they're observed in-
Operationalized If normal people attempted to be
admitted to psychiatric hospitals would they be
detected as insane?…read more

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The made up symptoms of the pseudo
The psychiatrist's admission and diagnostic
label of pseudo patient.…read more

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Experimental Design Method
Field experiment
Participant observation…read more

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Pseudo patients- 5 male, 3 female; no history of
mental disorders:-
Psychology students
3 psychologists (Including Rosenhan)
Attempted to gain admission of 12 different
hospitals in 5 different USA states- mixture of old
and new hospitals, 1 private and 11 state-funded.…read more

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