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Rosenhan 1973
`Being sane in insane places'…read more

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To see if the sane could be distinguished
from the insane using the DSM
classification system and if they can be
differentiated, how sanity can be
identified.…read more

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· Sent 8 pseudo-patients to 12 different hospitals (3 men, 5 women)
· Gave false details and occupations
· Claimed could hear a voice saying `empty' `hollow' `thud'
· All other details (aka past) true
· When admitted stopped abnormal acts
· Took part in ward experiments spoke to staff and patients
· If asked, said they felt fine
· In some hospitals asked when they could leave
· SECOND PART staff at teaching hospital told that in next 3 months
pseudo patients would attempt to be admitted
· Asked to rate 1-10 likelihood of them being pseudo or not
· No pseudo actually sent…read more

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· All pseudo were admitted
· All but one `had' schizophrenia
· In 3 hospitals 35/118 patients were
· In hospital average of 19 days (between 7
to 52 days)
· No staff were suspicious
· SECOND PART 41 patients judged as
pseudo.…read more

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· Staff in psychiatric wards were unable to
distinguish sane from insane
· DSM not valid measurement of illness at
the time…read more

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· Generalise = different hospitals used
· Generalise = both male and female
participants, different occupations and
· Reliable = replicable 8pp in 12 hospitals
with same results
· Reliable = standardised procedure e.g.
same words `heard'
· Application = led to revising of DSM…read more

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