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Topic 5
Christian Healing…read more

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What the syllabus says.
· Within this topic, candidates should show understanding of
Roman Catholic beliefs and attitudes to the following issues
relating to protecting, respecting and preserving human life.
· The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
­ Christian attitudes to sickness and healing;
­ the Rite of the Anointing of the Sick, including the symbolism;
­ the purpose, effects and impact of the sacrament of the
Anointing of the Sick on Roman Catholics.
· Dying and the Afterlife
­ attitudes to death and life after death;
­ death rites in the Roman Catholic tradition.
· Respect for Human Life
­ the sanctity of human life;
­ attitudes to contraception, abortion, euthanasia, in vitro
fertilisation (IVF);
­ the impact upon the attitudes of believers of Christian
teachings on these issues.…read more

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Christian attitudes to sickness and healing
· Jesus spend a lot of time healing people showing
that this is what he wants his followers to do.
· Sickness can be of your soul not just physical and
the Church helps both with physical healing and
spiritual healing.
· The Church has a Sacrament (a signpost to God)
which helps people when they are ill. This brings
them reassurance that God is with them and
brings them comfort in difficult times.…read more

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The Rite of the Anointing of the Sick,
including the symbolism.
What happens. Why ­ what it symbolises.
Holy Water is sprinkled on the This reminds them of their Baptism and that
person God is still with them as he was then.
The priest lays his hands on the This symbolises the Holy Spirit's presence
sick person which will bring strength in difficult times.
The sick persons head and hands This symbolises healing and strength being
are anointed with the Holy oil given to the person to help them cope with
(Catechumens) and a special their illness or if they are near death their
prayer is said. journey to the next life.
A prayer is offered for the sick This helps them to feel that God is specially
persons specific needs. blessing them.
Holy Communion is offered. This is allowing the ill person to receive Jesus
If just before death this is called and brings comfort and strength for the
VIATICUM. journey ahead.…read more

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When can you have the sacrament.
1. When you are near death.
2. When your are going to have a serious
3. When you are seriously ill.
4. When you are old and frail.
5. When you unconscious (in a coma) if
requested by your loved ones.…read more

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The purpose of the sacrament of the
Anointing of the Sick on Roman Catholics.
1. Helps people to deal with difficult things.
2. Reassures people that God is with them.
3. Reminds people that death is not the end.
4. Offers strength to people.
5. Supports not just the ill person but their
friends and family.…read more

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