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Christian values…read more

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Making moral decisions
· Human dignity
· Human rights
· Conscience and freedom
· Responsibility and sin
· The catechism of the Catholic church…read more

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Virtues, gifts and fruits of the Holy
· Cardinal virtues-prudence, justice , power,
fortitude, temperance
· Theological virtues- faith, hope, love- charity
· The seven gifts of the Spirit, received at
baptism - wisdom, understanding, counsel ,
fortitude, knowledge, piety,( worshipping
God) and respect or fear of the Lord…read more

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The twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit
· Also received at baptism;
· Charity; joy; peace;patience;
· kindness; goodness ;generosity;
· gentleness; faithfulness;modesty
· self-control; chastity.…read more

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The Ten Commandments
· Given to Moses on Mt Sinai by God
· Duties to God and neighbour
· 2 versions- Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5
· `A gift of freedom from the slavery of sin `or `a
set of restrictive regulations?`
· The Church calls them` the path of life`
Catechism 2057…read more

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The Beatitudes
· 9 of them
· A quality ,then rewards
· Jesus-New testament
· Sermon on the Mount
· A way of being in the world
· An attitude towards life…read more


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