Roles Of The Coach

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Roles of the Coach
The Instructor gives instructions often concerning rules of safety ­ "Don't throw
the Javelin until I say" or "Don't step outside of the discus circle". The lines of
communication are one way in that there is nothing to discus. The instructor is
not interested in any feedback or how the students feel about the instruction.
The trainer is interested in outcome. He or she will give advice on technique,
training or diet that directly relates to improved performance. There is twoway
communication, especially if the performer is highly motivated and skilful. Steven
Redgrave the Olympic rower was certainly involved in and continued about his
training programme.
The educator or teacher is interested in and keen to help develop the whole
person. There is a twoway relationship here and the experience or process
outweighs the outcome or product. The educator knows that all aspects of a
childs life impinge on performance and so will support and emphasise with the
individual rather than purely instruct or train the performer.


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