Roles and Power relationships between couples.

Revision Notes on:

  • Domestic Division of Labour
  • Non Symmetrical Family - Functionalist
  • Symmetrical Family - Functionalist
  • Non Symmetrical Family - Feminists
  • Financial Resources
  • Decision Making
  • Domestic Violence - Statistical Evidence
  • Domestic Violence - Radical Feminism
  • Domestic Violence - Marxist Feminists
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Roles & Power relationships
between couples ­ LT2
Domestic Division of Labour ­ gender roles that men and women
play in relation to housework, childcare and paid work.
Non Symmetrical Family

Functionalism - Parsons

- Segregated conjugal roles in traditional nuclear families.
o Expressive role ­ Women act as homemakers…

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Reasons for the symmetrical family

- Greater affluence ­ making the home more attractive to men.
- Geographical mobility ­ less help from nearby family members.

Sullivan ­ increase in the number of couples with an equal division of labour. Men
participating more in traditional "womens tasks" = new men.…

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Evaluation of research and theories into the symmetrical family/domestic
division of labour.

Ignore important variations in the division of labour.
o Social Class ­ middle class women do less house work and chilcare.
They can afford to buy into the commerccialisation of housework and
day care for children unlike working…

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Domestic Violence ­ Physical, sexual and psychological abuse
between those in a family-type relationship.

Statistical Evidence

6.6m domestic assaults happen each year, half involving physical injury.
Most victims are women (but also common amongst children and the elderly).
1 in 4 women assaulted by their partners.
Most victims are…

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Marxist ­ Feminists

Domestic violence an outlet of mens frustration with the exploitation and alienation
they experience in the workplace.

Economically Deterministic - simplifies domestic violence to the economy.


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